It’s Khaiyum’s turn

What is it about Airbus A330s? Why do they need politicians to escort then from the factory to their home country? Bainimarama took his useless parasite family along to fly back the last one so he’s allowed Khaiyum to have the honours this year. They know that no-one elected them to their positions but that doesn’t stop them from putting their snouts into the trough and taking as much as they can.

Fiji Sun November 4, 2013 A-G in France for third A330 aircraft

6 Responses to “It’s Khaiyum’s turn”

  1. Paula Says:

    It is common practice around the world that politicians personally take delivery of every new aircraft added to the fleet of the national flag carrier. John Key has for instance travelled to France 22 times for each airbus one trip.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    Paula we never heard in NZ that Key went to France for any delivery of airplane. He would be roasted if he did. Where did you get that info??

  3. Kacau Says:

    @ Paula… domica na popi nei Khaiyum… kulina & all

  4. Paula Says:

    Sorry, I was perhaps being a bit sarcastic. No democratic electorate in the world would tolerate such nonsense. In Fiji however, Khaiyum and his thugs can get away with anything. It is almost unbelievable to watch how the entire population being screwed by Khaiyum and bending over asking for more. Very sad indeed.

  5. Coke Says:

    Do not think that Aiyass only went to France for collection of the A330 for one minute. I expect he also went to blow smoke up the EU trying to undo the kiddy poo that the PM excreted on their visit here. EU aid money is absolutely necessary now than ever.


  6. Navosavakadua Says:


    I assumed ucumaiduru

    PM’s escorting every new plane for the national carrier is strictly for Banana Republics. May be Hammer DeRobert did it.

    I like the touch of Frank welcoming the plane back home. Frank flies ASK welcomes, then ASK flies and Frank welcomes.

    This would be a joke if it wasn’t such a financial disaster in the making for the FNPF and the national purse.

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