Fear on the Golan Heights

Land Force Commander has revealed that RFMF troops in the Golan Heights are being paid more that the usual UN rates. They were sent into a risky zone at short notice because Bainimarama felt it made him look like he had the UN stamp of approval. He didn’t care about the security of the troops or whether they had all the equipment they needed. All he cared about was trying to drum up some propaganda for his illegal regime. It’s no wonder he felt the need to pay them more than the usual UN rate. They knew he was using them for his own political purposes, so he had to buy their silence. And, naturally, he used taxpayers money to pay.

Fiji Times November 05, 2013 Golan boost

2 Responses to “Fear on the Golan Heights”

  1. Teimami Says:

    When Fiji is paying them above UN rates the poor Fiji citizens and taxpayers are in fact dishing out money for the security of people we do not relate to the Middle East. On the other hand our citizens security at home is the least priority of this illegal Govt as shown by the safety, welfare and interests of the man who was recently bashed up by military personnel and who had not been apprehended and tried in court for theor criminal acts. An addition to all brutalities that had been inflicted on our people….murders, tortures, assaults, arson etc by the military.


  2. Real FMF Says:

    The regime is boasting about the boys being safe from chemical weapons but what about why they sent them into the area where chemical weapons are without equipments they need for chemical weapons?

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