Our obediant servant


According to our self-appointed PM, he is our servant, living only to serve all Fijians. All his jet-setting around the world with his worthless family on board is just to serve us!! How stupid does Bainimarama think we are???

Radio Fiji Nov 03, 2013 We are all servants: PM

7 Responses to “Our obediant servant”

  1. Fat Mary Says:

    who is the skinny little dribbling idiot next to the pig?

  2. Ratu Sai Says:

    the piglet

  3. Paula Says:

    We should set our obedient servant free!

  4. carlos Says:

    Frank the man. Dismantle the corrupt and useless GCC and create a level playing field for all citizens. Muy bueno mi amigo.

  5. To Masidakai Says:

    Vinaka ,,,,sa yawa na tabetabe, kana loto, butako, mateni …sona levu

  6. mela spear Says:

    hey Carla Toof…go suck the man’s boci…lol

  7. Arfan Nisha Says:

    Leave Carlos alone. He is right. The Prime Minister and the Attorney General are the best things to ever happen to Fiji. They will win the election for sure. The Attorney General should be the Chief Justice and Mr Saneem should be a High Court judge. They should be rewarded for their hard work. The GCC are lazy racists. They just want money.

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