Why can’t Khaiyum cut the casino crap

Khaiyum is still carrying on about his intention to cancel the casino licence granted to Larry Claunch but nothing has happened. He claims to have collected $100,000 in penalties from Claunch, which leads us to wonder why he needs to cancel the licence. Why not just go on collecting the $100,000 a month. That would yield $1.2 million a year. Very easy money!! However the problem is that nothing about the casino adds up. Have they cashed the Claunch cheque? It probably bounced all the way back to the USA. Why can’t Khaiyum cut the crap and just admit that they issued a licence to a con-man. Would that make his boss look like a fool?

Radio Fiji 1 November 2013 Government yet to hear from casino developers

One Response to “Why can’t Khaiyum cut the casino crap”

  1. melanesian stick Says:

    the pricks cant get rid of the clamshell cos its closed shut on their bocis

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