Regime gets a taste of its own medicine

The regime controlled Fijian Holdings Limited has been told it will soon be forced to sell a majority of its Fiji TV shares in Papua New Guinea. According to the regime appointed FHL CEO, Nouzab Fareed, the Papua New Guinea Government will soon adopt a new media ownership law. Fareed claims the company is a cash cow right now, so FHL stands to lose money when it’s forced to sell 51% of its shares to meet the new ownership rules. It’s just like the situation News Limited faced when they were forced by the Khaiyum media decree to sell the Fiji Times. It’s a taste of the regime’s own medicine and probably a response to the Kubuabola speech in Brisbane talking about PNG leaders they’re puppets of Australia. Well done Inoke or whatever other genius thought it was a smart idea to poke PNG in the eye.

Radio Fiji Oct 30, 2013 Fiji TV may sell PNG Shares

2 Responses to “Regime gets a taste of its own medicine”

  1. avorosa Says:

    haw haw haw haw. Rt Inoke tamata sonalevu drau veicai vakukauwa kei nomu Ambassador mai PNG o Romanu. This guy Romanu is farking up everything in PNG mainly because of his ignorance and his arse licking to the regime. Make it worse when you have Farking Indians and Sri Lankans coming here to PNG, purportedly as representatives of Fijian commercial institutions, trying to make a deal by squeezing local interests. Don’t you get it? We ‘real’ Fijians are being made to look like lame, weak and passive participants in all these negotiations, because these South Asians are trying to make deals for us. Where were the so-called financial kaiviti wizards in FHL, FNPF and FijiTV when they came here to negotiate the Vodafone deal? Please don’t tell me they are also scared shit of and sucking up to these Indians and Sri Lankans. That seems to be more like the scenario nowdays. Sa levu ga na tabetabe drami muaimuri.

  2. dredd Says:

    It shows you cannot treat countries with such arrogance and contempt because they will turn around and treat you likewise and kick you in the butt. So it pays to treat others with respect and you will also earn their respect. Bai and his cohorts are still wet behind the ears.

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