The latest new site for the casino?

The Waila City Authority acting chief executive Isikeli Navuda has announced the Waila City project is “progressing slowly”. On the Western side we have the Larry Claunch casino going nowhere fast, so it’s only right we have the Waila City project going nowhere Suva side. Why not combine the two and put the casino in Waila City? It couldn’t be any worse. What taxpayers want to know is how much government money or concessions have been poured down this drain by the regime which is a magnet for con-men and shysters.

Fijilive October 29, 2013 Waila City project progressing slowly

3 Responses to “The latest new site for the casino?”

  1. saunivalu1 Says:

    Shoot the whole lot of them, the pieces of gabbage they all are… Oh Fiji, poor Fiji. . When will the people of Fiji for once in your life wake up and open your eyes??? Dont just stop there, do something about your countrys’ situation.

    Stand up and be counted… Now is the time or it will never happen.

  2. mela spear Says:

    Fijians have too many skeletons in cupboards so they sleeping with them that’s why nothing happening

  3. boidada Says:

    Navuda, kauti nomu boso ga kei nomu Chairman i Waila dou qai laiva kina e dua na mata veivutusona levu. Fire boy !!

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