The Supervisor of Elections charade

Khaiyum has declared the Supervisor of Elections’ appointment process is under the control of the Constitutional Offices Commission. What he doesn’t say is that the Constitutional Offices Commission is a joke when there is no democratically elected Government including a Leader of the Opposition. As it stands now, the Commission will be hand-picked by Bainimarama on the advice of Khaiyum.

Fijilive October 26, 2013 Election head issue with poll body: AG

4 Responses to “The Supervisor of Elections charade”

  1. Yash Says:

    Well, those who believe that there would be a choice in elections should go and read a little history. Dictators have never given up power in elections. They rig elections to suit their needs.

  2. Yash Says:

    The arrogance of EU bureaucrats and their counterparts in Australia and New Zealand is simply astonishing. How would the good Doctor from Brussels react if we told him that not a single of his commissioners has been elected by anyone? Would he admit that the European model is deficient and needs a few workshops held at the Commission and facilitated by our AG? And what if we wanted to send election monitors to Bulgaria or to some other European Flagship of democracy? The EU should give their aid to Africa where the politicians are more opportunistic and subservient. They should leave Fiji alone and fold their aid money five ways and sit on it!

  3. mahendra pal chaudary Says:

    I ask everyone to forgive me for:

    1. Supporting Frank and the IG
    2. Lieing about the A$3 million
    3. Taking the fiji people for a ride
    4. Making life hell for the poor cane farmers
    5. Showing no respect to the itaukei people

  4. larsson Says:

    Finding a issue with the Feed, might you assist me to?

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