Radio Khaiyum on the RFMF’s case

Radio Khaiyum has reported the story of a man abducted by military personnel over what looks like a purely personal matter. Keni Finau told FBC News he had lodged a complaint against a military officer in 2010 and FBC ran with the story. Police Chief of Operations ACP Rusiate Tudravu claims the FPF is “working closely with the military about the complaint from Finau”, which is regime bullshit speak for “it’s going nowhere”. What’s really interesting about this report is that it’s broadcast on FBC run by the Khaiyum brother. Our media is muzzled when it comes to political news so it looks like Khaiyum is using this report to show that he’s the boss. He, not the military, is the boss.

Radio Fiji Oct 22, 2013 Police investigate alleged military beating

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