Qetaki’s pathetic lies exposed

According to Alipate Qetaki 75% of cane leases that expired since 2008 have been renewed. He probably thinks no-one can find out the truth because TLTB under his leadership publishes no statistics. But Qetaki doesn’t realise other statistics are available and these show that he must be lying. We know that the number of cane farmers dropped by over 2000 between 2008 and 2010 and the area of land under cane dropped by 6000 hectares. So how does this square with a 75% renewal rate? Of all the craven cowards that serve the regime, Qetaki is THE worst. And who does the regime think it’s fooling? Do they think cane farmers whose leases haven’t been renewed will be fooled by this?

Fiji Village: 25/10/2013 75% of agricultural land leases renewed from 2008 – iTLTB

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