Frank chickens out

For the first time in six years the EU official in charge of aid visited Fiji but Bainimarama was too busy to meet him. A visiting Shanghai dog-catcher would have no trouble getting a meeting with Bainimarama but he says he’s too busy to meet Dr Gerhard Sabathil, the Director for North-East Asia and the Pacific in the European External Service. Instead Dr Sabathil met with Khaiyum. It looks like Frank was afraid the EU official might ask him questions about the Constitution or elections, which, as we all know, he wouldn’t be able to answer.

Radio New Zealand 23 October, 2013 Fiji leader too busy to meet senior EU official

One Response to “Frank chickens out”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    You’ve got to ask yourself; why would Bainimarama miss an opportunity to speak to a high profile official who deals with the all-important question of when the EU will restore aid to Fiji.

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