The Pichler pitch

New Fiji Airways CEO has wasted no time in taking control of his airline out of the hands of Khaiyum. He’s made it clear that political influence has hurt the airline in the past and he’s determined to have a cooperative relationship with QANTAS. Khaiyum will be fuming inside but he knows he can’t afford to lose his CEO. Fiji Airways has made a desperate gamble with purchase of 3 new Airbus A330s, using borrowed funds. Losing a CEO now would spell disaster for that gamble. Pichler’s move is smart and has put Khaiyum back in his box. Well done!!

Travel Weekly 15 October, 2013 Fiji Airways chief outlines plans

One Response to “The Pichler pitch”

  1. Raman Says:

    Wonder what shane hussein thinks now after licking pfliegers ass like a regime lackey now that pichler has all but said that the airline wasnt being well run under the previous ceo? Monkey say monkey do shane.

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