Fiji Sun’s mischief making with SODELPA

The Fiji Sun’s report of SODELPA’s plans for a meeting of representatives of the provinces of Central Division is an obvious attempt to fan divisions within the party. The article quotes what the Sun calls “an observer with long political experience who cannot comment publicly on politics because of his current position” who calls Dr Tupeni Baba a moko who changes colours to suit his background. Then they quote an old interview with Pio Tabaiwalu apparently saying that a person of charisma would best suit SODELPA, which is an obvious swipe at Ratu Jone Kubuabola whose quiet, dignified demeanour has won wide respect. We can take the Fiji Sun article as proof that regime insiders fear SODELPA and the depth of leadership in its ranks.

Fiji Sun October 17, 2013 SODELPA meet to decide on nominees

5 Responses to “Fiji Sun’s mischief making with SODELPA”

  1. Not Born Yesterday Says:

    SDLP insiders report another renewed push lately by regime agents trying to get villagers to say they don’t want elections. So looks like the regime also knows its in a fix, too

  2. tuiviti Says:

    Perhaps FICAC should try and investigate Mr Tabaiwalu’s engagement with the Komave Village Womens Club. He promised to provide some assistance at a cost of $800.00. He pocketed the cash without the assistance he promised. Is this the type of leader SODELPA is recruiting towards election?

  3. tuiviti Says:

    Infact Pio Tabaiwalu was appointed by the Komave Villlage Committee to act as consultant….After introducing a 5 year development project plan for the village, nothing eventuated, accept for the numerous complaints voiced by the villagers about their missing dollars. Maybe FICAC or whoever is responsible to check it out for the sake of the poor families at Komave Village…..

  4. kaikoso Says:

    Kanakana i lavo ra conman….

    • taginagone Says:

      pio tabailevu should be questioned about that case with the komave women. if he is found guilty, than do the right thing..put him in prison. sa rauta mada na veivakalolomataki

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