What’s this? Australia?


The dull-witted Bainimarama brain takes in the fact that the huge sign advertising the Navosa Farmer’s Produce Collection Centre reveals the project has benefitted from Australian assistance. Meanwhile in the background Felipe Alifereti thinks “Oh shit – he’s seen it”.

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5 Responses to “What’s this? Australia?”

  1. John F Says:

    It is time that Australia stops ambushing our leaders in such devious ways. They seem to believe that throwing a bit of their money around for litile silly projects entitles them to undermine a sovereign country and its leadership. This board needs to removed immediately and replaced by the government logo.

  2. Ateca.V Says:

    hahahahahahahaha … pote !

  3. johnfarkhimself Says:

    John F,

    Go fark yourself after pulling your tongue out of Frank’s dirty arsehole. Caititukamu kei bumu.

  4. John F Says:

    Are you aware of the fact that the clowns from the EU have denied the request of our PM to allocate funding for training of sugar industry workers to Australia instead of giving it to the FNU? This is the kind of behaviour you seem to support. Show a little pride in your country and a little respect for your leaders!

  5. bkc Says:

    patriotism is the last refuge for a villain….pote jfukwit

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