SODELPA moving forward

While Voreqe scratches his head trying to figure out how he can have a political party that doesn’t include Aiyaz in a major leadership position, SODELPA is moving forward, taking its message to the four Divisions. Voreqe may be hoping that the Ministry of Information will be his political party, helping him take his message out to the people, but he can only go to one village at a time while the SODELPA team, united in their opposition to Voreqe, can take the message to many places at the same time.

Fiji Times October 15, 2013 SODELPA happy with response

4 Responses to “SODELPA moving forward”

  1. John F Says:

    Our PM does not need to travel to every village. Surveys have shown that he enjoys the support of at least 90% of the population. You only have to look up Croz Walsh’s blog to find this simple fact. And as far as our AG is concerned, you should read the constitution. The AG does not have to be an elected parliamentarian he can be appointed by the PM if nobody in parliament qualifies for the job.

  2. kainoqu Says:

    John F go take you pill and have some rest! Your ignorance beggars belief…..

  3. Croz the Gay Priest Says:

    Me vutuka mada nomu sona o Croz

  4. niko Says:

    I work for a company that has majority itaukei staff. Majority will support Frank

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