Khaiyum makes a tactical retreat

Mohammed Saneem, Khaiyum’s boy in charge of Elections, has decided to send a team to villages in Kadavu and Lomaiviti to catch up on births, deaths and marriages that have gone un-registered due to the difficulties of getting to registration places. What this means is that they will then be able to register to vote. Until now Khaiyum has taken the view that Fijian villagers who don’t bother to register births don’t deserve to vote. This is evident in Mohammed Saneem saying “no blame was being attached to anyone who has not registered because the Government recognised that this was often a product of isolation”. So when did Saneem and Khaiyum discover isolated locations? Was it after Bainimarama went to the Kadavu Provincial Council and was told a few home truths?

Radio Fiji 17 October 2013 Birth Registration begins in isolated parts of Fiji

One Response to “Khaiyum makes a tactical retreat”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Tactical retreat or a strategic infiltration of the swing vote?

    Think Kong Ming.

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