EU calls in the Aussies

The EU is providing funds to help cane farmers who lost their source of income as a result of the Bainimarama led wrecking of their industry. The $10 million will help farmers retrain to be able to earn a living with new skills. And who did the EU choose to manage the project? Australia!!! The Australian-Pacific Technical College (APTC) set up under the Australian aid program has been asked by the EU to use the funds to help the farmers. Looks like Frank is spewing that the money has not been handed to Fiji National University where it can come under his control. Naturally Bainimarama’s not thinking of the farmers who need help to build a new life after he wrecked their industry. He wants every person in Fiji to feel personally indebted to him for everything the Government does.

Fijilive October 15, 2013 EU-Aust Aid program for Fiji sugar workers

2 Responses to “EU calls in the Aussies”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:


    So much for all of Bainimarama’s pomp & ceremony at the recent sugar meeting, and all the big talk levelled at the EU.

    Beggars can’t be choosers, but Bainimarama cannot deny his common street thug DNA and start up a brawl while his puppet master Khaiyum nudges him along with ring-side prompts:

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Round 2 of the illegal & treasonous regimes slapstick comedy of errors with respect to EU money that the regime desperately wants to vire from for their vote-buying campaign that the 2014 budget is already haemorrhaging from

    And whenever the regimes backup slapstick comedian Aisake Taito starts bleating about the superannuation funds being ‘safe’, his record shows that the opposite will be true

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