The wild west

Does anyone remember the promise to put an end to crime? The army was supposed to beat the criminal elements down. When Teleni was Commissioner the FPF tried to fake the crime statistics but it didn’t take Einstein to work out that you can’t hide crime from victims. The latest statistics reveal that crime is highest in the Western Division. All the FPF could do was “plead with members of the public to be responsible and take precautions in securing their properties”.

Fijilive October 14, 2013 West tops theft cases

2 Responses to “The wild west”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You cannot reduce crime when those in leadership right now came into power through a criminal act.

  2. Manivusi Says:

    Prisons in our country are overcrowded
    Crimes are high and do not show Bhai’s promise to reduce crime.

    The criminal illegal Govt of EyeArse and Bhainiwomen is rooted in illegality, and treasonous power take over.

    Its not logical then to expect this criminal Govt to resolve criminality amongst the governed communities as the govt is a shining model of criminality.

    During its turbulent history It has carried out state sponsored murders, tortures, arsons, threats, frauds, squashing of human rights and blatant lying to the citizens and foreign governments.

    How do we expect the citizens of Fiji to obey the law and respect others if the Govt is doing exactly the opposite??

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