Frank’s sugar plan


Worlds most unsuccessful sugar minister at work

Normally Bainimarama leaves the business of defending the wrecking of the sugar industry to Tweedledee and Tweedledumber, ie Abdul Khan and Manasa Vaniqi, but with the African Caribbean Pacific Sugar ministers in the country Bainimarama had no choice but to stand up and tell us about the future of the industry. And he has not been shy about declaring that his ambition is not just to “keep the industry afloat”. He’s going to make it grow and diversify! There’s mention of mill performance, shrinking acreage, non-renewal of leases, falling yields, farmers leaving the industry, shortages of cutters, etc, etc. Who does Frank think he’s fooling?

Fiji Times October 14, 2013 Diversification the way forward, says PM

3 Responses to “Frank’s sugar plan”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    The sugar industry is doooooomed!!!No amount of conference will improve mill performance, increase yields, bring in cane cutters, improve TCTS, etc, etc, etc. Baini is in la la land to think his words to those sugar ministers mean anything. He thinks he has a magic wand which will create magic in the industry. Theres a Fijian saying that says, “ena qai rawa ga ni se na balabala,” which means it is impossible. Thank you Frank for wasting taxpayers money on this useless meeting.

  2. John F Says:

    The sugar industry is turning around quickly. FSC will invest 80 million in a new ethanol facility that will make Fiji almost independent from fuel imports. The days of massive fuel price hikes like the one with which the Commerce Commission hit us today will be over. The EU has already agreed to release 100 million in retained sugar funding on the basis that elections will be held in 2014 in anticipation that the current leadership will be confirmed by a vast percentage of the electorate.

  3. The Sugarman Says:

    @ John F

    You make these comments because you know very little about the sugar industry. There has been no turn around as you seem to believe. Unless and until sugar cane production goes over 4 million tonnes and over 400,000 tonnes sugar make in a year, no profit for FSC is possible. Even for this season, FSC is again surviving on borrowed money. It does not have the ability to repay any loan because it is profitless. Thats why it was deregistered from the Fiji Stock Exchange; in other words it is insolvent. FSC cannot be totally dependent on EU money. As you say, the 100m euros release is dependent on the 2014 election; until then, keep your fingers crossed. To make ethanol, there needs to be a lot of bagasse which is dependent on sugar tonnage. For the time being, all bagasse made is only sufficient for power generation to keep the mills going. So Mr John F, do not be fooled by mere words and promises until we actually witness the changes you dream of. The sugar industry is dooomed!!

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