100% subservience is not enough

The regime’s brand new Media Commissar, Ashwin Raj, has given us a fair idea of where he’s coming from. His first public statement is to say that our bullied and cowed media needs to be a lot more responsible! What does he expect? Should every statement be run past Khaiyum before it’s published? It looks like Khaiyum is planning to crack down on the media with the elections coming. But the freedom blogs will not be silenced. We will continue to maintain the vigil.

Radio New Zealand 13 October, 2013 Fiji Media need to be more responsible, says new authority chair

One Response to “100% subservience is not enough”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    This from the same dude who pushed Alisi Daurewa’s theory that Fiji’s first settlers came from India?

    If as an academic he can hardly grasp (or was bold enough to even dare to) basics in sociology or anthropology, it is a bit of a stretch to imagine that he could bring any good to the regulation media industry. And that he’s backed by Matai Akauola who is quite content to stick it to his media collegues & the media profession — are we surprised? Hardly.

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