Spend $1 billion, then what?

Who would have believed it? Former Air Pacific CEO, David Pflieger, committed the company to a re-branding and the purchase of over a billion dollars of new planes and then promptly bailed out, leaving the company to find a way of making this commitment work. So what does new CEO, Stefan Pichler, think they need? A plan!!! They need a plan??? So what plan did Pfleiger have when he committed the company to huge debts with borrowings at interest rates we’ve never been told? The funny name tags saying the planes were owned by some Fly By Night company in Ireland were a worry, but the news that it was all done without a plan is a cause for panic.

Fiji Times 8 October 2013 Fiji Airways formulates five-year development plan

5 Responses to “Spend $1 billion, then what?”

  1. the way the world Says:

    Speaks volume of the current illegal government, no future planning.

  2. Manu Drui Says:

    The only plan they have is on how to perpetuate their thuggery of the peoples’ resources including money, clinging to power to avoid being prosecuted and how to shaft all opposition

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Ah yes. The good ol cop out when the shit hits the fan — a plan.

    I’m afraid that ‘a plan’ will do little to entice travellers who are willing to front up the cheap fares & offshore travel packages AND put up with their mess — despite the numerous (expensive) buses & billboards that the new look airline is splattered across worldwide.

  4. John F Says:

    The tourist love the scream BULA and do not care about a couple of hours delay. When they make a decision to come here, they know that Fiji Time is different from other times. They even love it and we should refrain from being too anal with our time tables.

  5. Manoa Says:

    John I hope your comments are in jest cos if you think tourists dont mind delays you are an idiot.

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