Vaniqi and Khan join the jetset

You would think that any senior managers with the record of Vaniqi and Abdul Khan would face the sack, but instead they’re rewarded with a holiday in London to attend the International Sugar Council by the World’s Worst Sugar minister. Is this Bainimarama’s way of making sure they keep up the pretence that the sugar industry is not doomed?

Fiji Sun October 2, 2013 Vaniqi, Khan off to ISC meet

One Response to “Vaniqi and Khan join the jetset”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    The sugar industry is doomed. The stupidest and dumbest CEO ever, Abdul Khan knows FSC cannot make a profit. Here, he and the failed PS Vaniqi go and attend this useless conference. Why cant they stay home and save every single penny? This London conference will not increase cane tonnage and sugar production; it will not increase cane land nor will it bring in cane cutters. After all, the more recognized international sugar body is the ISSCT; International society of sugar cane technologists.

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