Khaiyum takes aim at Claunch’s scalp

With the Boss overseas Khaiyum has taken the opportunity to put on the feather hat of leadership and send a letter to Larry Claunch telling him he’s got to put up of shut-up. Larry was found by Big Chief Cassava Patch so Khaiyum has to pretend that the process by which he was selected was all above board. The truth is that Big Chief Cassava Patch was bought with a wagon load of beads and mirrors, a crate of firewater and a bit of wampun in a brown envelope. What a joke!

Fiji Times October 03, 2013 State eyes deal

5 Responses to “Khaiyum takes aim at Claunch’s scalp”

  1. Manoa Says:

    This is a new strategy by the AG to either have the One Sands casion project withdrawn or have the deal cancelled so as to facilitate the tourism project cum casino cum resort development by Damodar. Watch this space… If you doubt, then remember that One Sands was given the exclusive licence to develop the casino plan.

  2. kainoqu Says:

    Plain fact is that all investment & development projects under this regime have uncertain future because they would all be undertaken with an illegal government. It renders the contracts dubious and contestable in court at a future date! So the chance of review and termination hangs over all initiatives like a black cloud. One can almost predict the amount of work a lawfully elected government will be undertaking to review all such contracts when the Bainimarama days are finally over! The investors know this too well. Without parliament and proper scrutiny of proposals and budgets, it is extremely unlikely that all initiatives by Frank & Co. are free of bribery and corruption. The way development projects have been pursued and the lack of transparency about it says it all!!

    • Paula Says:

      I respectfully disagree. It appears that increasingly investors start to bet on Bainimarama staying in power – at least long enough for projects to reach break even point. These investors may not be most reputable and they may demand high risk premiums i.e. high profits which the people of Fiji will have to pay. But the complete lack of any serious opposition has not gone unnoticed.

  3. samu Says:

    Khaiyum is a chorochor.

  4. the way the world Says:

    This dumb nut thinks that he is above everybody else.

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