Golan Heights is the last thing on his mind

Here is our unelected leader, cheesy grin on full show, with the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon. No doubt the UN appreciates the way Bainimarama volunteered his men to go straight to the Golan Heights without the equipment and preparation they needed to do the job safely. The Cassava Patch coward is fearless when it comes to putting his men in danger.


Fiji Sun September 30, 2013 Top talks

One Response to “Golan Heights is the last thing on his mind”

  1. Angel Says:

    I think the whole Fiji is a joke with big Fijians who cry like babies for little things and Indians who can’t fight but talk only. Fiji is all your own country for Fijians and Indians and minorities of others born there. The Frank and Khaiyum conspiracy and all others under them to steal and rob money from the country is so obvious and gaining power with bullshit and stupidity. In other words, you have criminals in charge of the country and no one has the balls to fight back, but only know how to sit there and cry but afterwards will go for kava and forget about it.
    Unity? None. You think UN and other country can come and help your family problem? Wake up!

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