Who will pay for the election?

Permanent Secretary of Finance Filimone Waqabaca says free and fair elections next year will carry a big price tag. The question is who will pay for this? International donors, including our traditional friends the UK, Australia and New Zealand, are ready to help but they will want to see the money spent on genuinely free and fair elections. Bainimarama said he didn’t need their help and claimed PNG would be able to help with the bill, but that was before Inoke Kubuabola, crapped in their lap with his speech in Brisbane to the Fiji Australia Business Forum. Bainimarama will want every cent he can get to try to buy votes, so he might have to start listening and stop talking.

Fijilive October 01, 2013 High election costs expected: Waqabaca

4 Responses to “Who will pay for the election?”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Good Lord. Waqabaca is such a witless puppet echoing his masters’ voice.

    The world heard the unverified & pitiful kerekere the first time dude but so close to budget time its painfully obvious that this is a desperate plea specifically to the donors to come & fluff up the regimes coffers seeing as revenue targets are — well, shall we say — falling way short off the mark?

    When your boss is out there in the big world glad-handing types from Iran & Nth Korea what kind of message is he sending? Or is that kind of analysis way above his abilities that someone else does the scheming and string pulling while he like the good little puppy that he is, goes with the flow as long as he is more than amply remunerated?

  2. Manoa Says:

    On 25 Sept 2013 the interim government said “Papua New Guinea has already committed in writing that they will be giving us 25 million Kina, by march of next year, its approximatly FJD$20m, there has been some rough estaimates that have been worked out, that the cost of holding the elections in one day, in a credible and transparent election would cost, a little over FJD$40million at ths stage.”

    But in April this year they said “The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Honourable Peter O’ Neill has today announced that PNG will provide 50million kina (FJD40.36million) to assist Fiji prepare for elections in 2014.” http://www.fiji.gov.fj/Media-Center/Press-Releases/$40M-FROM-PNG-FOR-FIJI-ELECTIONS.aspx

    Something missing somehwere. I fear creative accounting perhaps…

  3. Bruce C Says:

    No Manoa, what is missing is aunty Nur’s commission.

  4. aslamkhanpigfarker Says:

    KTF, Fili’s not only witless he is also clueless and gutless to understand or do anything about how the strings are pulled. He does not even understand how much his own ministry officials despise his publicity yearnings. Traditionally, the ministry is known for the thankless but major work and the unseen hard working, nuts and bolts type who don’t give a fark about parading publicly. Not anymore i think.

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