One promise he cannot break

Bainimarama has stood before the United Nations and promised to hold free and fair elections. We all know the path from the December 2006 coup up to today has been littered with broken promises. “The 1997 Constitution will be upheld, elections will be held in 2009, no-one from the military of his Interim Government will benefit from the coup, members of the Interim Government will not stand for election, corruption will be ended and there will be complete openness in everything the Government does, the economy will be strengthened, poverty will be reduced.” All of these promises have been broken and we can all see it as clear as day. But his promise to the UN is the one promise he will not be allowed to break. If this promise is broken he will be standing alone, or at least with only Khaiyum at his side.

Fiji Times September 30, 2013 Free and fair

7 Responses to “One promise he cannot break”

  1. nck Says:

    Liar will remain a liar till death.

  2. nck Says:

    Dont take any word of this great liar baini.he will change the tune everytime.

  3. Manoa Says:

    It must be broadcasted widely esp to outside organisations that if the process leading up the elections is flawed can the elections ever be fair and free?

  4. BK Says:

    shit came out of his pants before, now the fire from his lies…once a liar always a liar…that’s the truth

  5. Bruce C Says:

    There have been legions of dictators lying in front of the UN General Assembly. So Frankie follows a firmly established tradition. The assumption that the UN would be a force for good is wrong. The UN has traditionally always protected dictators and tyrants, nobody wants to rock the boat there.

    • Navosavakadua Says:

      You’re not wrong about the number of unsavoury characters who’ve stood on the same podium and spewed lies, but it’s the face to face meeting with Ban Ki-moon Frank should worry about.

      Betrayal of rhetoric counts for nothing but personal betrayal is another matter. An enemy in the office of the UN Secretary General could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

      • Bruce C Says:

        Nothing wrong with a bit of optimism, but in my view no external power will change anything in Fiji. Only a strongly expressed will of the people of Fiji will bring change.

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