How to win an election

Yet again we’ve had a glimpse of how a regime that has no party and includes the most unpopular politician in history can hope to win an election. It’s all in the ability to change the rules. Now, according to the regime’s Registration of Political Parties Decree, any person who fails to comply with the requirements could face a 27,000 US dollar fine or 10 years in prison, or both. Some parties have failed to give asset details for adult children and Khaiyum fears that de-registering parties makes his plans to cheat too obvious, so now he’s come forward with the plan to punish with fines and jail terms. Khaiyum hasn’t explained how one adult can be forced to reveal assets of another adult who may not share the details.

Radio New Zealand 26 September, 2013 Fiji regime amends party asset declaration decree

One Response to “How to win an election”

  1. marykeanfatbitch Says:

    whatever! come voting day, we will finally have the chance to express what we think about this parasitic regime. bwahahahahahaha…

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