What are Khaiyum and his apprentice cooking up?


The Acting Permanent Secretary for Elections and the Registrar of Political Parties Mohammed Saneem has admitted that he’s still combing through the declaration of the assets and liabilities of political party officials. While Bainimarama is using all of the assets of the state to campaign for election, without going through the process of setting up a political party, his team of evil plotters is searching for ways to use the rules to put other parties out of the race. Everyone knows Saneem is a 100% Khaiyum Kreation, fashioned some say from the waste of the sorcerer body himself, with zero credibility as an independent official. Barely out of short pants he was appointed to a top position after Mere Vuniwaqa resigned in protest at interference by Khaiyum. Furthermore, because he’s so young, the man in charge of our elections has never even voted himself!

Fiji Village 25/09/2013 Assessments on the declaration of assets and liabilities still being carried out

2 Responses to “What are Khaiyum and his apprentice cooking up?”

  1. Nemsi Says:

    What comb is he using ? The Beach-comb-er or the one used for looking for kutu’s?

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Pretty efficient “combing” session even for a legal greenie I’d say. If we didn’t know any better, we would even suggest that he was coaxed and coached.

    He publicly states yesterday that he’s hard at work with this, and today he and his treasonous regime have discovered a new way to trip up the registered political parties and put in place a major road-hump — fines in US dollars!

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