Police Commissioner appointment a typical Bainikhaiyum show

Where is the transparency? At last the regime has admitted that the Police Commissioner has not finished up in his job but nothing more is said. No thank you to the out-going Commissioner? Has he done a good job according to the regime? Suppressing the investigation of the torture video, is that a good thing? The Bainimarama way is to keep everyone guessing. Is Naivalurua hoping to be named as the next Commander RFMF? Bainimarama has announced that the position will be filled by a process laid down in the Constitution, but that requires the Constitutional Offices Commission, which is supposed to include the Leader of the Opposition and 1 person appointed by the President on advice of the Leader of the Opposition. But “the quorum for the meetings of the Commission shall consist of the chairperson and 2 other members”. So it will be Bainimarama, Khaiyum and one stooge nominated by Puppet Pressie on the advice of Bainimarama.
Typical Bainikhaiyum.

Fiji Times September 25, 2013 Top cop on leave

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