Why can’t Bainimarama found his party

Bainimarama, has told Fiji media he will have a political party by April next year. April next year? He gave existing political parties just weeks to get themselves registered, jumping through all his hoops, but he can take however long he likes. He claims very good people have asked to join the party but he hasn’t given us any names. We can assume that he will be the leader, but who else will be in it and why can’t we know? Is it the Khaiyum factor? Is he afraid to reveal whether the despised Khaiyum will be part of his party? Or is that Bainimarama wants to delay his stand down from the position of Commander. Is there no-one he can trust to take command?

Radio New Zealand 23 September, 2013 Bainimarama political party to be formed by April next year

10 Responses to “Why can’t Bainimarama found his party”

  1. Ratu Sai Says:

    Whoever he decides to be Commander will never be a guaranteee and he knows that, His days are numbered

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This is the predicament Baini is in. He is caught between a rock and a hard place and is really unsure of his next move. In fact, he is very, very scared. Like Ratu Sai says above, there is no guarantee. Once he relinquishes the Commanders role, he is left vulnerable to the new Commander’s whims, and he does not know what that will be. As we all know, his power base is the military and the question is, which post will he take if he wins the election? The prime minister or commander?

  3. bhaini Says:

    Isa ko Bainiluvenimagainisona

  4. Bruce C Says:

    Guys don’t get too excited about Frank being in a hard place and such. He can change the rule of the game any time to suit his needs and the one thing you can bet on is that he will do exactly this. The notion that he would have to step down as Commander is just ridiculous. If it suits him the rule will change and he can do both running and commandeering.

  5. Mereisi Damu Says:


  6. Marc Says:

    Mereisi of Namosi, you have to understand that it is completely irrelevant whom your village and the rest of Fiji’s electorate will be voting for. What counts is who controls the process, who counts the votes and who has the entire repressive machine on their disposal. Either you vote for Khaiyum or your vote will end in the waste paper basket.

  7. Oracle Says:

    Frank will form his party when it is time. He said around April 2014.

    At the meantime, he wants you to keep on wondering and guessing.

    But get this straight – he will choose those who have merit and are credible and can serve selflessly for all the people of Fiji.

    Must be a really scary thought to those who oppose him.

  8. Mereisi Damu Says:

    Marc..you are entitled to your opinion. So you are suggesting we vote for Kaihoon?? as a preferred option??

    Well, Marc……you do what you think best.,,,,based on your assumptions, that a vote for others but Kaihoon will divert polling papers to the rubbish bins.

  9. Bainiceke Says:

    Iko dua na tamata boci kana loto tiko ,,,ur days are numbered…
    Frank will send up like other ex commanders ie powerleess and despised ie Rabuka, Nailatikau, Ganilau, Manueli,,,,,

  10. kainoqu Says:

    The answer to this is simple……Bainimarama does not have any party but the military! Political parties are things for democrats. He does not believe in political parties and does not understand the way they engage democratically. Parties are essential to political mobilisation of citizens and their involvement in the policy process. His decrees don’t reflect this simple understanding and the overt concern with losing power and influence over the people has taken the better of him. That is why his decrees criminalising free assembly, free speech and free association has made his staged election a circus! In a nutshell, his attempt to be a democrat has been dismal. He has tried very hard but keeps failing. Dictators are the last people to listen to about democracy so Frank and his regime should not be taken seriously about anything they spew about this style of government!

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