FSC cane quality payment system still “next year”

Abdul Khan must think we’re all as stupid as he is. He claims “The cane quality payment system will be fully operational next sugarcane processing season.” This new system has been promised for years. The 2009 Annual Report announced the “Introduction of Cane Quality Payment System whereby farmers will be paid on quality of cane delivered to the mills.” This has been announced regularly since then. The only thing he’s updated this time is that the trial promised for this year has not started on time. The only thing that keeps him in his job is a Minister for Sugar who is more stupid than he is.

Fiji Times September 24, 2013 Cane quality pay system

2 Responses to “FSC cane quality payment system still “next year””

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    The dumbest CEO ever. Full of nonsense and nothing to contribute. All his talk has left FSC with over $100 million in debt. Dumb sugar minister and dumb sugar permanent secretary. When the blind lead the blind, they fall into a very big hole.

  2. Bruce C Says:

    Khan is just about to borrow another 80 million for an ethanol plant that no private investor would fund because it will generate losses!

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