When absolute obedience is not enough

Radio Khaiyum has just announced that Veteran journalist, media manager and regime today, Matai Akauola, has been appointed Director of the Media Industry Development Authority. According to Radio Khaiyum “the authority is aimed at improving the media’s objectivity and discipline”. It seems that our muzzled media are still not meeting the requirements of Khaiyum. What does he want? Does he have to have them run every story past him before they can print them?

Radio Fiji Wed Sep 18, 2013 Media industry body director appointed

2 Responses to “When absolute obedience is not enough”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    This announcement comes as no real surprise given that PINA, under Akauola’s leadership, raised many eyebrows even among the PINA membership with their acquiescence, non-impartiality & positive profiling of the illegal and treasonous regime.

    This news was circulating on the grapevine months ago but it is curious as to why they have only chosen to make it public now.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It is sad that someone like Matai who professes to be a christian can be so un-christian in his job. This is what people call hypocrisy.

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