The secrets of aircraft financing revealed

The new CEO of Fiji Airways, Stefan Pichier, has explained the mystery of the plates on the A330-200 Airbus aircraft declaring Waqavuka Financing Limited in Ireland as the owner. It’s really very simple Pichier said. Waqavuka owns the aircraft. Fiji Airways owns the engines, Momo Tomasi owns the seats on the right side, Nei Mere owns the seats on the left side, Business Class Toilets are owned by German banks (KfW IPEX-Bank and Helaba) while Economy Class toilets are owned by a Labasa moneylender who wants his name withheld. This is all very natural and normal international business practice Pichier said.

2 Responses to “NOT THE NEWS”

  1. Saunivalu Says:

    Waqavuka I believe to be the shelf company, Am I correct???? This company was registered to hide business dealings. This is called legal corruption., there you go !!!!!!!! My question is what they trying to hide from us all.

    Can you smell a rat????. I can

  2. Bruce C Says:

    The Labasa money lender is actually a key figure in the deal. He is a first cousin of Khaiyum and has handled the commission that went to the Khaiyum family. This would have been a bit difficult to pull off, if the planes were actually owned by Air Fiji where due to substantial shareholdings by Qantas some Aussi accountants would sniff around.

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