FPF turmoil continues

Coup Four Point Five has been told Assistant Police Commissioner Biu Matavou gave chase to a police vehicle which passed his private vehicle and when he caught up, walked up to a Constable in the driver’s seat and said: “Is this the way to drive, you fucken Indian”. Coup 4.5 said a complaint was made but it has been swept under the carpet. It’s hard for us to know the truth about all this – who said what exactly – but one thing is absolutely clear: the Fiji Police Force is riven with conflict and division based on race, suspicion, corruption, rumours, and a complete inability to have allegations discussed openly in the media. It started with Teleni and it’s still going strong. A force that was being moulded into a professional effective policing body under Commissioner Andrew Hughes has been turned into a hot-bed of politics and back-stabbing.

Coup 4.5 September 18, 2013 Racism allegation shows Bainimarama Constitution full of false bravado

Coup 4.5 September 21, 2013 Action on racist allegation as Fiji police chief takes leave

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