Don’t mention New Zealand


Bainimarama never has anything polite to say about New Zealand but he doesn’t mind going to Navosa to “inaugurate” a produce Collection Centre which has been built with funds from New Zealand. He took power illegally, he appointed himself PM and minister for most things and he pays himself whatever he feels like, so why should we be surprised if he takes credit for the efforts of others.

2 Responses to “Don’t mention New Zealand”

  1. gogog Says:

    Serves NZ right for gullibly getting sucked into publicly appeasing the regime. McCully is being made to look like a fool. The regime knows no tact nor diplmatic courtesy, they will shoot anyone even theior own shadows to project a strong steadfast image against the international pressures, which seem to be buckling now. US should just send drone to bomb frank out of his shit

  2. No drones pls, Naboro Prison beckons Says:

    Except that the vacuum of power will be filled in by one of the dictator’s cronies since they all stand to lose so much given the benefits they’ve derived since coup 2006 and a few starting with coup 1987 (naivelurua and kubuabolo).

    They’ve sold out to the extent that the stakes hve bcome too high although its really arrogant pride that keeps them living a LIE at the expense of the nation.

    Revolution my ass!

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