Who has Khaiyum got in mind?

Applications have just opened for the position of Supervisor of the Elections but Khaiyum has told us to expect a foreigner. What this means is he doesn’t want any local doing the job. His experience with Mere Vuniwaqa refusing to act as a puppet taught him that he could not afford to appoint a local. His tame Sri Lankan judges and the magistrates give him a good model of what he needs in a Supervisor of Elections. He intends to run this election process personally, controlling every aspect to ensure that the outcome delivers what Bainimarama wants. He won’t be relying on the voters who, he knows very well, despise him.

Fijilive September 16, 2013 Foreigner likely for top elections role

2 Responses to “Who has Khaiyum got in mind?”

  1. Imrana Says:

    Shamima Ali is in his mind. It is a fresh news that Shamima is being considered for Human Rights Commissioner under the new Constitution. It may surprise most of you but Shamima has been busy licking AG’s boots to impress him.

  2. Not suprised Says:

    Heard that a while back that ASK was considering Shamima Ali to head the new look HR Commission. Will his former colleague from Colonial take over FWCC then since she’s Shamima’s deputy?

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