New Fiji Airways boss needs to talk to Bainimarama

The first thing new Fiji Airways boss, Stefan Pichler, worked out when he looked at the details of the business was that the airline’s future is in the hands of Australian tourists. If he can’t get a reasonable share of the Australian market he has no chance. He’s not living in the dream world of building a business on flights to Hong Kong or other Asian destinations. His business will stand or fall on how well it does in tapping the Australian market. Meanwhile Bainimarama is still attacking Australia, saying he wants Australia out of the Pacific Island Forum and refusing to welcome an Australian Ambassador “until at least after the elections”. Pichler needs to have a word to Bainimarama to explain the facts of life to him, but of course, as a government enterprise, Pichler is under the thumb of Khaiyum whose still shitty that Australia cancelled his PR.

Fiji Sun September 15, 2013 We want a piece, not war, says Fiji Airways boss

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8 Responses to “New Fiji Airways boss needs to talk to Bainimarama”

  1. Dilip Says:

    Unfortunately this is the M.O of govt. Screw everything up, blame someone else and let the people deal with it or suffer. A bit like one short american airline exec, recenty departed.

  2. annon Says:


    Since 2006, australian tourist numbers have increased by almost 100,000 to almost 300,000. This data is from the Aust bureau of statistics.

    So all this talk of FB, ASk etc is crap.

  3. Anon Says:

    Statistic relevance such as this is not as simple as seeing an increase in arrivals from australia over the period of time. The percentage growth, which in itself is not much over the period of time, is rather reflective of the australian population growth during that period. You must bear in mind that that australia has historically always been the major source of tourist arrivals even during past coups. Australia is an established market and thus by extrapolation tourists numbers will always increase just by the increase in population size. The point here is what would have been the increase in arrivals if there had not been a coup?! I wager that it would have been much much more.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Quantitative numbers of visitor arrivals from Australia are hardly indicative of real money that they bring to the economy.

    Sure the numbers may impress but the reality is that most of them are bargain package tour deals bought & paid for IN Australia. If one were to assess this “revenue” to the tourism sector vs the subsidies that taxpayers pay for so that the tourism sector can enjoy free multimillion dollar destination marketing, what the numbers would tell us?

  5. dausaravanua Says:

    Fiji Airways face competition from Virgin and Jetstar, so they share the small increase in tourists from Australia. BTW Fiji’s share of the Australian tourism dollar has grown more slowly than other destinations – Bali, Thailand etc.

    The interim Government tries to promote Fiji in Australia and then turns and mouths off about Australia. Is that smart?

    But what anon doesn’t seem to understand is that any signs of instability could cripple Fiji Airways. The coup in 2000 and the coup threat in 2006 and the coup in 2007 hit the industry hard, as did the abrogation of the constitution.

    If there’s a collapse in tourist numbers, like there was in 2000, while paying the huge bill for planes Fiji Airways will go under. So pray that the interim Government keeps its word about running free and fair elections and respecting the results.

    • annon Says:

      You can paint the pessimistic picture. I am optimistic.

      Fiji has survived the last 7 years and it can only get better.

      Fact 1: australian tourist numbers has increased to fiji

      Fact 2: aust per diem or spending has increased

      Fact 3; their share of total tourism spending is more than their share in terms of numbers

      Fact 4; aust continue to visit fiji and a lot of them are return visitors. Coup or no coup, they will come to fiji.

      Fact 5: fiji airways will pay its loan dues and some of u will eat your tongue.

  6. Alpha Says:

    Can you anybody please tell me why the new Fiji Airways plane is registered to a shady company known as WAQAVUKA

    • saunivalu Says:

      Fiji did not spend your NFPF funds that you all worked so hard for and saved to purchase your planes as the interim government said they did. These new planes are leased to a shelf company used by the interim government called waqavuka. Fiji airways do not own those planes. Bainimarama and Kaikum have been telling Fiji lies about a lot of things. The Directors of Waqavuka are consortium of people ( Rich people from abroad) who broker the deal for Fiji airways. These people own the planes and NOT Fiji . If Fiji Airways went broke then these people would stake their claim on the planes.

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