Abdul Khan’s memory problems

It looks like Abdul Khan has yet again forgotten where he left his memory pills. He’s just announced plans for a mechanical harvester trial, forgetting that it was almost a year ago when he first announced this.

Fiji Sun September 12, 2013 FSC plans one mechanical harvester before season ends

One Response to “Abdul Khan’s memory problems”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    Mechanical harvesting which is good only for flat land does not work in Fiji because most of our sugarcane are planted on hilly terrain. Abdul Khan should not waste time with a false hope that mechanical harvesting trials would prove it will benefit our farmers. Only thing he has to do is ask his vice chairman Marika Gaunavou who will tell him the trials were done along time back and failed. Unless of course if Abdul Khan wants a kickback from the suppliers then he may want to push for its purchase.

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