Race-based scholarships?

Radio Fiji is spruiking the latest round of iTaukei Affairs Board scholarships and a lot of people are asking why we still have them? Isn’t everything race-free these days? Bainimarama is always delivering sermons on racism directed at his political rivals but he hasn’t dared to abolish the race-based scholarships handed out by the iTAB. Does his new constitution allow such scholarships to be reserved for members of one race?

Radio Fiji Sep 11, 2013 FAB Scholarships

3 Responses to “Race-based scholarships?”

  1. BK Says:

    the regime will trip itself up with its race free propaganda many times over and over…the census is still conducted on a race basis…yes and Fijian is itaukei and everybody else is not Fijian according to the census paper…I guess they need time to get there but then they may just leave it just in case you need to know when not to send the aid money.

  2. Village Idiot Says:

    Nothings changes just the names. Kai Viti still own 90% of land, chiefs still drink the first bowl of kava and govt is still run by thieves and con men as usual

  3. BK Says:

    and kaiindia own 110% of the country

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