Another Frank F***-Up hits canegrowers

In 2009 Frank made himself available to launch a new cane variety. He heaped praise on the new variety which was supposed to be good for mechanical harvesting because it stays upright. (Apparently it has a thick stem, which may be why it was named the Kiuva.) Frank was beside himself with his new variety but, like everything the Minister for Sugar touches, it quickly turned to dust. Now farmers are complaining about the Kiuva and Abdul Khan who talked Frank into blessing it with the name Kiuva is asking farmers to let him know if there are problems!! He doesn’t seem to understand the problem is him and his dumb boss.

Radio Fiji Sep 11, 2013 Farmers concerned about some cane varieties

One Response to “Another Frank F***-Up hits canegrowers”

  1. VKB Says:

    The problem is that the cane is all KULINA.

    No flesh – all kulina like Frank Kulina

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