History re-written

Bainimarama is desperate to explain why he has had to rule as a dictator for 7 years and impose a constitution without approval from the people. His account of the Speight coup is an amazing re-writing of history. According to Bainimarama “History records that I played a significant role in 2000 as commander of the RFMF, bringing the siege of the Parliament to an end, and charging an interim government with the task of rebuilding the nation.” The memories of the RFMF officers involved record that Bainimarama made sure he was out of the country when Speight struck and stood on the fence waiting to see how he could manipulate the situation to allow him to seize power, first declaring himself PM and then handing over to the cleanskin Qarase when he lacked support from the clique that ousted President Ratu Mara. Then followed six years of undermining Qarase despite his strong support from voters and his formation of the first genuinely multi-party government.

Fijilive September 07, 2013 End of military revolution, says PM

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  1. van damme Says:

    dou ,,,,sa qai dua na tamata lasulasu ,,,,setani ga

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