Regime continues internet crackdown

The Police have now joined Chandu Umaria in trying to control access to the internet in Suva internet cafes. They claim there’s a Code of Conduct for Internet Cafes which prohibits the circulation of “offensive materials, insults and slanderous statements aimed to create hatred among Fijians in Fiji and in foreign countries”. By this they mean anyone who challenges the regime’s right to impose its will by force. The good thing about this crackdown is it shows us the regime is worried by the freedom blogs on the internet. They now control everything in the media so the freedom blogs are the only way we can have a right of free speech.

Fijilive September 03, 2013 SCC, Police implement internet code

3 Responses to “Regime continues internet crackdown”

  1. message for Vijay Narayan Says:

    Vijay, now that Abbot and his conservatives are back in, the onus is on you to prove that they will lift all the sanctions on Fiji. You glorified your achievement in the conference you attended which you hailed as a first for a Fiji journalist. C’mon you are not even worth your weight in shit as a journalist.

    You like some of your colleagues are just a farking bunch of cowards, sycophants and bumsucking leeches. Stop overrating yourselves you dumb piece of shit! Remember the conservatives took a tougher stance on the regime and will continue to do so. You will surely get something shoved up the rear when they kick you out.

  2. Bruce C Says:

    @message for Vijay Narayan
    You got it completely wrong. As any reader of Graham Davis’ blog knows, the Abbbott government will load huge ships with gold and send them across to Fiji. Even before being elected Abbott has made a major pledge to increase Australian hand outs to the mendicants of the world: 9 billion dollars more in incentives not to work, to govern poorly and to expect a bail out from rich neighbours when things go wrong. Abbott will also open the borders to all Fijians, military thug or not in line with his progressive immigration policy!

  3. message for Vijay Narayan Says:

    @ Bruce C,

    And Vijay will be waving them through Suva Harbour with Graham. bwahahahaha

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