One big day, one big electorate, one big con?

The mastermind of the new constitution and the elections el supremo, Khaiyum, has vowed to make sure next year’s elections are held on a single day and the votes are all counted within 24 hours. It looks like the whole event will take place inside Khaiyum’s lair. The whole process will be under his control. With one big electorate there’s no way voters can relate to what’s happening. There will be no transparency. He says the results are all going to be fed into some computer programmed by people working to him. Where is the transparency? What independent observers will there be?

Fiji Times September 03, 2013 24 hours

2 Responses to “One big day, one big electorate, one big con?”

  1. Bruce C Says:

    PNG, the true champion of transparency and democracy will provide election observers. So how hard could it be for Khaiyum to crate the result that he wants?

  2. Cry my beloved country Says:

    To all political parties,

    The way the provision in the constitution is drawn gives the regime grossly unfair, illegal and unethical advantage to change rules at their whim as and when they see fit. It reeks to the bone with the possibility of gerrymandering in the final months leading up to elections.

    Plan your strategies well and keep them guessing as well. Demand what is rightfully public information at certain stages of pre-election preparation like boundaries (if any) and voter registration distribution. Keep your networks working informally since this is the best, through the unions, farmers, religious groups, the family/vanua, village/settlements, church, schools, mobile texting, emails, blogs etc. These networks are far more effective than the farked up and (full of cowards) mainstream media. This is the only chance we Fijians (Taukei and Indians together) can push this regime out and finally form a genuine multiracial Govt that is weary of military regimes that do no allow us to exercise our basic freedoms and rights, and self-serving. We are sick and tired of these illegal morons determining our destiny for us.

    Fiji will live foreever, coups will come and go, but this is our chance to get back on the proper path to democratic freedom. Let’s call their bluff. When they lose and if they decide to coup again, then it proves what most of us have been saying all along. They have been there all this time to protect their asses and feather their nests. If that is the case, then it will need harsher measures and if it means blood spilling then so be it, all great nations at some stage had to go through civil bloodshed to get to where they are right now.

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