Next Land bank robbery in the pipeline

Director for Mineral Resources Department, Malakai Finau, has announced that the regime is targetting more sites for bauxite mining in Nasarawaqa, Wainunu, Lekutu in Bua. He says they’re waiting for a letter from the mataqali before they can put the land into the Land Bank and start handing control to a Chinese mining company. Landowners will never be told how much money the regime takes and they’ll be lucky to get the crumbs that fall from the table. And as for the environment, the Chinese company will be able to do what they like.

Fiji Times September 03, 2013 More mineral sites found

2 Responses to “Next Land bank robbery in the pipeline”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    It’s interesting the regime only needs one letter from a Mataqali to take control of the land but it takes a list of bank accounts for all mataqali members before they will pay out the rent.

  2. Saunivalu Says:

    Clueless dumb numb skull, they all are. Poor Fiji going to the dogs.

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