The draft Constitution and the Khaiyum sunset clause

Niko Nawaikula, the lawyer for the high chiefs of Fiji, has attacked the draft constitution for ignoring the identity of iTaukei as a people. He said despite being cautioned at the UN Human Rights Committee last year, the government has ignored group rights in the constitution and is in breach of international conventions, which Fiji has ratified. What Nawaikula can’t say, because he’d be jailed for saying it, is that the Constitution is straight from the from the Khaiyum blueprint for bringing an end to all iTaukei institutions. His infamous “sunset clause”.

Radio New Zealand 29 August, 2013 Fiji indigenous rights breached by constitution, says high chiefs’ lawyer

12 Responses to “The draft Constitution and the Khaiyum sunset clause”

  1. anil Says:


    Another con job. No wonder you were suspended. Cut down your grog swiping.

  2. Bruce C Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how much Fijian’s are prepared to bend over to be rooted by Khaiyum. The greediest and most ruthless politician who has ever walked Fijian land, this thug will bleed us all so badly that it will take generations to recover. Can anyone explain to me why this man can get away with anything?

  3. BK Says:

    Bainimarama and his Fijian army is the explanation Bruce. kaiviti sacrificing kaivitis. such kind hearted people

  4. Bruce C Says:

    Is it that simple BK? I know a few army officers and in private conversations most would admit that there is not much love lost between them and Khaiyum. Yet they claim that loyalty towards RFMF’s commander ranks high on their list of values. How to break this vicious circle?

  5. Saunivalu Says:

    Hi Bruce,

    The problems with Fijian Soldiers are that some or most don’t have the intellect to see past their current situation and they also understand and believe that their bread is buttered only and only by the commander of the Military.

    The Fijian ways of their respect for authority is something else. This way of respect tend to blind fold them over the way their perceive rationale. It takes away the sense of selfishness which is not a bad thing, but it removes their self worth at the same time. Things are so come in Fiji for that reason. Fijian have little value placed on the way they see themselves amongst others and authority.

  6. saunivalu17 Says:


    Things are so calm in Fiji for that reason. Fijians have little or no value places in the way they see themselves amongst others and higher authorities. This is quite obvious when you see the way coup plotters have behaved in the past and do as they please but the Fiji people sit back and say GOD WILL HELP..

    Fijians have the “T’LL BE ALRIGHT ATTITUDE” They placed too much emphasis on GOD for help. God will not help those who cant help themselves.

    Fiji people must understand that GOD does not exist. The GOD they all believe is nothing more then their neighbours, their friends their family members, their visitors. GOD is a state of mind. It is something we believe in and respect but it should not hinder our progress in the way we need to achieve goals

    Fijians warped understanding of God hinders a lot of their progress. That is evident in their personal growth and focuses Fiji people be selfish for once in your life and fight for yourselves and your families and friends and your neighbours.

    It is time that Fijians and Indo Fijians must all speak up at once. Fight for your freedom Fiji, raise the bar, do not sit there like a stunt mullet and accept what is dished out to you by these wannabes. You all have worked so hard to be where you are today.

    You owe this government nothing but you owe it to yourselves and your future children the future with freedom to express themselves and be counted so go fight for it. Everyone must speak up, they can not put all of you in prison.

  7. NO THANKS! Says:

    Seti seti.. keep your silly generalisations to urself sainivalu.. It’s ok to be an atheist of that’s ur state of mind. Just get off your bum and fight for ur own right.

  8. Saunivalu Says:

    @ No Thanks.

    My right are not effected by this military control whatsoever and i have all the freedom to go with that.. I am not an atheist but I see God in a different light.

    Now give me your thoughts if you really think that I am generalising in what i have stated above

  9. NO THANKS!! Says:


    From the start to finish… all sweeping generalisations and unsubstantiated assumptions about Fijians.

    Here’s a big fake one: ‘Fijians warped understanding of God hinders a lot of their progress’.

    So you say you see God in a different light. Pls explain.

    • Saunivalu Says:


      That is not generalisation. Fijians put their energy in building Churches, and community halls. I know this because I have been a part of it and have lived it.

      I lived in Fiji for 24years from the Wainimala area,to Nalawa in Ra province, Rawailevu District in Nadroga and in Nadi etc etc, so I know and have had first hand experience of what I am talking about. This is just an example , Villagers donating hundreds of dollars to the church in their annual donation programme of $250 per person. The couple I was with were unemployed but somehow found the money $500 to give to the church but their own children walked barefooted to school everyday. They had to borrow to feed their children.

      This is common in the majority of Fijian villages in Fiji. I know because I have raised the issue everywhere I went.
      So you go figure $60 for three pairs of shoes or $500 to the church. This is what I am talking about, Fijians do things to save face. They don’t put themselves first in anything, let alone their childrens well being.

      They contribute to the SO called Soli Ni Yasana yet they get absolutely nothing in return,

      They build thousands of dollars worth of community halls that only becomes the white elephant in the middle of the village but cant build a proper kitchen or toilet. Most children sleeps on concrete and wooden floors. If only Fijians collectively project their resources and energy towards themselves then these coup culture would not be happening, because Fijians would be able to speak up and loud for themselves. Fijians are great people, self less and generous to others but they have to learn to put themselves and their families first

      Try visiting your own village with an open mind without accepting the norm of their daily routine. See and observe their existence from a different perspective again with an open mind. Learn where their priorities are and of course they will tell you that families come first. Soon you will find that it is not always the case.

      • NO THANKS! Says:

        Thanks so much for your response but I’m still confused..

        Let me start with your previous ‘corrected’ post where you hold God, and by extension, Fijians’ faith/belief in God, as being responsible for Fijian’s ‘inferiority complex’ (btw, were you specifically referring to the i-taukei within the broader Fijian community?).

        You claim that its that “inferiority complex” (very little value in themselves among others in their society and higher authority) is obvious in the way that Fijians have sat back and let coupsters ran amok, taking over the helm of power and elected governments.

        God is responsible for all the people’s inaction. Reaally? How so?

        You claim ‘Fijians have a warped understanding of God and this hinders a lot of their progress, evident in their personal growth’.

        Whoa, that’s a loaded statement. Could you break it down and substantiate your claims – from ‘warped understanding’, to hindering ‘progress’, to ‘personal growth’ – how do you define these terms?

        You state that Fijians MUST understand that God does not exist. And that God is just a state of mind. How so, is God a state of mind?

        But you also said that ‘God will not help those who can’t help themselves’. So if God does not exist, how can God help us? Confusing.

        Then you say Fijians must all speak up at once, that they have worked hard to be where they are today. Yes, you are right that many Fijians have worked very hard to get where they are, so why be stupid to throw it all away by challenging an armed rogue military and risk losing their jobs or worse, shortening their natural lifespan?

        Why be stupid and risk having their kids and those under their immediate care, starve or worse, commit suicide because daddy dearest, the family’s sole breadwinner and lifes’ shining hope is rotting in jail, serving a lengthy imprisonment sentence?


      • NO THANKS! Says:

        Your last post where you start off with: “Fijians saying is “GOD WILL HELP, GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THINGS, LEAVE IT TO THE LORD, HE WILL PAY ON JUDGMENT DAY”.

        Does that not tell you that Fijians understand and are fully aware that what’s taken place since Dec 2006 is wrong – both legally and morally (not that the previous administration led by Qarase were angels themselves, and so it was that the Court of Appeal pointed THE WAY out for the treasonous 2006 gang except the scared rats wanted all loopholes plugged, or so they’re hoping…)

        So is it possible then that Fijians are simply biding their time since the odds are stacked against them – in that they don’t have a level-playing field since they’re operating under draconian laws and hence, find it very difficult to mobilise a meaningful and united platform upon which to effectively challenge their oppressors? They have the numbers, they believe they have although confirming the same has been the difficult part… So don’t you think that it is precisely during this difficult dire time that Fijians need GOD’s guiding hand in finding a lasting, durable, sustainable solution that is acceptable across Fiji’s diverse communities of people?

        I’ll not delve on the “soli” that you speak of except to ask:
        1) are these not matters that parents should take up with their church leaders who may deliberately interpret scriptures to suit themselves?
        2) have you also considered “soli” for other “oga’s” peculiar to the i-taukei, from elaborate wedding feasts, birthdays, funerals, trips to distant villages, first occasion for this and that, rugby jerseys, shorts, balls, footwear, painting job for rugby fields, supporters trips to national rugby tournaments, etc etc etc.
        3) last but not least, what about the endless soli to support their chiefs?


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