The word count tells all

Khaiyum claims that the revised constitution guarantees ownership of iTaukei land, but the facts speak for themselves. Khaiyum devoted only 82 words to protecting iTaukei land, but he devoted almost 500 words to the provisions regarding immunity. This includes a whole lot of words saying the Constitution can never be amended to repeal any provision of immunity. Likewise, there can be nothing to “infringe or diminish the effect of any provision” to give immunity. Finally, the constitution says that no change can be made to “repeal, infringe or diminish the effect of” constitutional provisions for changing the constitution.

3 Responses to “The word count tells all”

  1. Marcus Garvey Says:

    Marcus Garvey Says:
    August 28, 2013 at 11:55 am | Reply

    We have valuable information on the current Fiji government dictatorship and a specific diplomat (SS Kelera) at the Fiji Embassy in Japan currently involved in kidnapping, child neglect, misuse of diplomatic powers being aided my the Ambassador of Fiji in japan, Mataitoga, and the Current Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ratu. A Fijian lawyer is needed on this matter. The father of this child is a Canadian and the Canadian authorities have full knowledge and are watching the case. This is the case to bring the dictatorship down. An officer of the illegal government involved in Kidnapping!! All Fijians must stand up against this government and help to save the life and the rights of Celestria E Wright. She is believed to be in Suva or surrounding areas with a said Finau Savu (works at the university hospotal in suva) , and Tokasa Savu. These two are also aiding (Kelera) in this crime.

  2. anil Says:

    Blame everything on ASK. Just shows how racist you are. Get off your backsides and work as the PM said and not ack like a boss or chief.

  3. Marcus Garvey Says:

    What does this have to do with Racism (Anil). You are obviously illiterate to state racism here. This is a crime that shows abuse of power, simple. People wanting to be the boss or chief is the problem especially when they abuse their powers. At least in a democratic society the people have a voice to vote leaders into power.

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