Sky Scam

Fiji Leaks have exposed some of the dodgy dealing behind the “purchase” of the A330 planes by Air Pacific/Fiji Airways. The planes are owned by a mysterious front company called Waqavuka Financing Ltd in Ireland. A blogger called Amoeba says the three directors of Waqavuka have up to 400 directorships with other shell companies just like Waqavuka. The purpose of this is not clear, bu the fact that it was hidden from sight tells us there’s something to hide. Is it hidden commissions? Is it to allow the banks who financed the deal to simply fly the planes away if one payment is missing? Let’s not forget no investor wants to have a contract that is subject to Fiji law and therefore the manipulation of Khaiyum. The one thing we can be sure of is that there’s something to hide.

Fiji Leaks 27 August 2013 SCAM IN THE SKY?: FNPF “loaned” millions to Air Pacific (Fiji Airways) to BUY new Airbus but WHY are the planes owned by Waqavuka Financing Ltd in Ireland and leased to Air Pacific/Fiji Airways?

13 Responses to “Sky Scam”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is pretty serious stuff. The people of Fiji have been fooled at the highest level to think the new airplanes belong to them. If the pictures of the aircraft ownership are genuine, someone has to answer a lot of tough questions. This is absolute dishonesty. Like someone said, “sa qai matata tiko ga mai na mata ni meke.”

  2. vukavabeka Says:

    What security arrangement was made for FNPF to advance $200 million of workers’ money.? Can someone please enlighten us !

  3. anil Says:

    Another bullshit by Victor who does not understand simple corporate and commercial transaction.

    Amoeba’s comments are heresay and not backed by evidence or facts. More like pest.

  4. squiggles Says:

    Da pest is biting anil in da pants. lol.

  5. Buda Pest Says:

    anil, the evidence is there…Fiji Airways does not own any airbuses. It never has and never will until the purchase price is paid up to Waqavuka….in 30 years time???
    Why does Baini and Marama keep telling Fijians that Fiji Airways owns new aeroplanes??? Just bloody lies, and you expect us to believe it….you are a pest.

  6. anil Says:

    Buda pest and squiggles

    Unfortunatly u are blinded by anti-govt belief.

    Pls ask a corporate lawyer and then spew your shit.

  7. Grog Bull Says:

    you blind anil or just illiterate? you are blinded by the baini and maramas bull shit.

  8. anil Says:

    You must be grog doped Bull

    As I said earlier ask a corporate lawyer and you will eat your own words. Unfortunately, you like to see everything as tainted by the IG.

    Just ask your self, why the need to borrow if you are going to lease the plane. If that’s too hard to understand, I guess you need to go back to class 2

  9. Marcus Garvey Says:

    Anil how much are you getting paid to kiss ass? You seem to know it all but most people in a stable democratic regime enjoy transparency from its government. You are living in a dictatorship Anil but you are too blinded that why you think the crime of kidnapping is racism. You should go back to kindergarten.

  10. Siti R. Says:

    Anil, whatever money that was spent by the Fiji Government is the people’s money. So the people of Fiji have the right to know how and where their money are being spent. “Corporate and commercial transaction” does not figure in everybody’s concern as majority of the people are not adequately educated to know the finer points about it. All they know is that whenever there is a “corporate or commercial transaction”, they have all the right in the world to know. Since we got to know this “corporate and commercial transactions” through Victor Lal and not through the right people which is supposed to be the Fiji Government makes it look like “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. So trying to sound so educated and disregarding the obvious makes you sound stupid as far as we are concerned.

  11. Undha Says:

    Repost from C4.5

    On Sep 01 – Anonymous Commented – “Fiji Airways flight FJ910 scheduled to leave Sydney International Airport for Nadi was delayed from 1pm to 8pm in the evening. Passengers only knew of the delay when they arrived at the airport including 30 class 8 students from Veiuto Primary school. The reasons for delay as displayed on the airline checking counter:”CABIN CREW SICKNESS”. As a Fijian, I was really ashamed, as other travellers in other airlines were giggling amongst themselves. SA LEVU VAKAMADUA RE!! What is happening Fiji Airways? …”

  12. BK Says:

    anil nit wit, cant you read the ownership plate??
    it says waqavuka owns the airbus, which is leased to Fiji Airways, and mortgaged to some banks.
    so any commercial lawyer will tell you that these banks lent billion dollars to waqavuka to buy the planes, not to Fiji airways.
    the fnpf money might have been lent to Fiji airways then paid to waqavuka. if this was the case, then the loan documentation would be recorded and paperwork filed in the Fiji airways/air pacific company file in suva….probably hidden in the AGs office now so no one can access it.
    but then the fnpf money might have been paid directly to waqavuka then to airbus or to these banks then to airbus.
    we will never know the exact path until these company documents are accessed. don’t hold your breath.
    the reason for the purchase is for someone to make a commission out of it you nit wit.

  13. Undha Says:

    Thing is if even if the Airbus planes’ loans were paid off (if ever) they will not be owned by Fiji Airways. Well, not at that very instant anyway. What would happen if Waqavuka did eventually pay off the loan to the German Banks? Would Waqavuka then transfer ownership to Fiji Airways and then cease to exist as an shell corp? or maybe just remain dormant until a similar situation arises again…?!

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