Is this supposed to fool us?

We were promised that there would be protection for iTaukei land, but this is what Khaiyum gives us:

“28.- (1) The ownership of all iTaukei land shall remain with the customary owners of that land and iTaukei land shall not be permanently alienated, whether by sale, grant, transfer or exchange, except to the State in accordance with Section 27.”

The regime’s Land Bank can take iTaukei land and lease it to anyone they choose for whatever rents they want for 99 years to 999 years. There is no protection for iTaukei land.

9 Responses to “Is this supposed to fool us?”

  1. Lomasavu Says:

    You guys need a life………this constitution gives more protection than the past constitutions combined!! Also land can only be deposited in the land post approval from the mataqali members. Our land in Rewa is in the land bank as we want Govt to develop it or look for investors on our behlalf – we have been consulted and we are happy with everything!! Its a way to assist those who wants to have their land developed. Its becoming too familiar now that you have nothing constructive to contribute and fighting a losing battle!!

    • saunivalu17 Says:

      @ Lomasavu.

      Are you really that stupid in believing that once you have given your land to someone else to do business with that you will get the maximum benefit from it????.

      Think again this government will take the cream off your land and give you the crumps.

      Dont you people from Rewa have any idea that the government will control your land for as long as it suits them and you will eventually have no say about it.

      A new government will come in and change all the rules again. And again they will do as they please, leaving you lot in limbo.

      Or are the people of Rewa too lazy and too dumb to realise that to be profitable and free, one must drive his own destiny.

      This government is taking away from you lot the control of your own land and telling you that they will utilise it and give you the profit. Since when has an illegal government given anything to the people of Fiji??? When they give with their right hand the left hand is immediately stretched out to take more back. It is called bribery and corruption.

      All the illegal governments including this one has taken so much more from the ordinary Fijians then any other previous governments before them.

      Building roads, bridges and schools in Fiji if that’s what you’re referring to is the duty of the government of the day. To provide services and accessible transportation for its own people. The government must do that so that the Tax payer of Fiji can move around freely to earn more tax for the government.

      Now, Would you regard the following as the government doing a lot for the ordinary Fijians including you lot from Rewa???:-

      Digging up Vanua Levu and shipping Vanua Levu soil to China. Has this government inform the people of Vanua Levu that the mining site would leave a gaping hole in it when the mining is all over and that piece of land would be good for nothing

      Leaving the road infrastructure to ruin and in shocking conditions.

      Having a constitutions that are drummed up by several people without the input of the ordinary Fijians themselves.

      Fijian land owners not having any say in the affairs of their own lands and not getting the full benefits of their own lands.

      Fiji people are made to believe that they are proud owners of modern planes recently purchased and as a matter of fact they don’t, Fiji airways does not even own the damn planes.

      Lowering the retirement age for ordinary Fijians
      Taking the rights away from the ordinary Fijians to voice their opinion in the democratic process that they once enjoyed had.

      Putting the fear on the ordinary working Fijians by strategically placing Dumb Military personnel in various government

      departments where the ordinary Fijians work and taking the smile off the face of the ordinary Fijians..

      Putting ordinary Fijians in Jail because they are better educated then the Military personnel themselves or because they fear the intelligence of the ordinary Fijian people.

      Taking away and spending the retirement funds worked so hard by the ordinary Fijians who are now left with nothing and are forced to retire early by this government.

      Selling Fiji and the ordinary Fijians to the communist countries and their allies.

      Selling Fiji resources which is owned by the ordinary Fijians to China, Russia, Korea and India and South East Asia.

      Taking away the true identity of a race of people and label them as things of no significance importance.

      The Ministry if Fijian affairs removing or having nothing in place in terms of the true meanings and duties of the Ministry and its developments of the ordinary Fijians.

      The above are some the issues that are effecting Fijians to date and you Rewa lot are no different

      Lomasavu, o au sa loma leqa taki kemuni na kai noqu mai na Vanua vaka Turaga Ko Rewa.

  2. Navosavakadua Says:

    The issue is not ownership of the land and we all know it. The issue is control over land. The Native Lands Trust Act sets out processes for access to iTaukei land. This constitution does nothing to ensure the protection given by those processes.

    What the Constitution does is give the State a charter to hand out land in order to ensure that other rights are protected – economic rights in section 32 could be used as a charter to grant leases on iTaukei land in order to ensure that a farmer without land of his own has “the right to choose their own work, trade, occupation, profession or other means of livelihood.”

    @ Lomasavu: I hope all your mataqali members are happy to surrender rent levels and the length of leases given to a government and then hope for the best.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    @ Lomasavu

    It is very obvious that you have been fooled by this illegal regime. You are so naïve in saying that “we want govt to develop it or look for investors on our behalf.” Cant you see how they will manipulate the system? They will reap all the benefits and give you the loose change. If the illegal govt is so keen to help the landowner, all it has to do is ensure that the landowner is part of all business dealings regarding his land and that he reap the maximum benefits from any developments etc. The way it is will be similar to the bauxite mining in Vanua Levu. The landowners receive about $60,000 from the chinese and begin to praise Baini. What they don’t know is baini is receiving more than ten times their share. Now to Lomasavu, this is what you call “to develop and find investors!!”

  4. Abdul Says:

    Khaiyum’s coup was always about controlling indigenous land, about destroying Fijian culture and tradition and first and foremost about enriching himself and his family. Those who feel their rights protected by his “constitution” should take their heads out of their own arses and stop dreaming.

  5. MOre Lies Says:

    spot on Navosa and Abdul and Anon.
    Lomasavu and his people will be burning the development on their land when they find out that they are getting poorer and the developer is getting richer.

  6. Khaiyums Kon-Koo Says:

    In addition to that @ Abdul,

    The Khainazibar regime reminds us of the world’s most hated Assad dictatorship of Syria, that is made up of a small elite that ensures the leadership mantle stays within that select elite group decade after decade after decade (having built their riches via illegal means), nevermind what the aspirations of the overwhelmingly majority Syrians are, who yearn to have a say in how their country is governed.

    How morally depraved the so-called righteous elite gripping onto the reins of power have become! Tragic, Tragic lot…

  7. Dredd Says:

    This is not a constitution. It is the indigenous people’s second deed of cession whereby their power to look after their land is taken away once again. The GCC was establish to ensure indigenous as landowners and landlords that their most precious asset, the land is protected. Now this protection is the sole domain of the government who will have power to take land and give it away to others for 99 years which is close to 2 generations. It would be much preferable if landowners be given some active role in the development of their land instead of just collecting measly sums as lease payments.

  8. The Land Grab Says:

    Dredd, the indigenous people had always had a role and say on any development of and on their lands…that is up until the 1997 Constitution was abrogated. After that they lost control because the State took over the role of the NLTB.
    The indigenous people chose not to develop their lands themselves and preferred instead to take the easy money from rentals, leases, premiums and sometimes crooking from the developers.
    The first deed of cession vested most of the lands (83%) in the kaivitis – ownership and control. The rest was freehold and state land properly acquired.
    The regimes constitution reaffirmed ownership but took away control. that’s the point Navosa and others are making. Yes you can voluntarily and with good intentions give your land to the land bank. But after that it is up to the state to decide for you. They may and may not give you an opportunity to have an input. It is entirely up to the Prime Minister. And if you don’t like it, you will have to lump it because you cannot challenge the decision in a court of law. That’s the law under this regime.

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