Barefoot bias?

Jyoti Pratibha, West Editor of the Fiji Sun, has written a very strange story in the regime rag’s Coconut Wireless – “So the Citizen’s Constitutional Forum’s annual report 2012 is out. Interesting choice of picture on their cover of departed and now irrelevant constitution commission chair Professor Yash Ghai walking barefoot in the rain. Certainly shows where their bias is.” WTF??? Is being barefoot a sign of bias? Does it indicate an unhealthy identification with the common people? Or is Yash Ghai a symbol of bias? He was selected by Bainimarama (well Bai’s puppeteer) to be the INDEPENDENT chairman of his Constitutional Commission. No-one else had any say about who would be on the Commission. And then their draft report was burned by the regime and the new draft prepared by Khaiyum alone.

7 Responses to “Barefoot bias?”

  1. naughty girl Says:

    Really?Did Khaiyum prepaed the New Draft alone? Before your blog and otger blogs added lot of names who prepared tge draft….names like Chief Justice Gates, Nazhat Shameem, Shahista Shameem, and SharvadaNand Sharma.
    Now you are changing your tone. Publish the correct name of the writer of that Draft.

  2. Grace Says:

    Isa they do not know any name, actually they just guess maca. These blog owners should be taken to court for defamation.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    This Pratibha person is insignificant in the grander schematics. Its quite obvious that she revels in her newfound stature and that promoting the regimes propaganda permits her that platform because other than that she is simply inconsequential.

  4. Grace Says:

    The boy with Ghai in this picture is Roshika Deo’s (FWRM) boyfriend? She is doing everything to support him.

  5. Merewairita Says:

    Solia mada mai vei na naba nei gone qo!

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