Bainikhaiyum regime imposes its own travel sanctions

Bainimarama has squealed like a pig stuck in a fence over Australian and New Zealand travel sanctions on his regime but he has applied his own travel sanctions on Tuvalu. Their Chief Justice, Sir Gordon Ward, who lives in Auckland cannot get to Tuvalu without transiting through Fiji, is banned from entering Fiji because he up-held the rule of law in Fiji in 2007 when was he was head of the Fiji Court of Appeal. Bainimarama is always talking about the sovereignty of Fiji but the sovereignty of Tuvalu means nothing to him.

Radio New Zealand 14 August, 2013 Tuvalu govt yet to address Fiji travel ban on Chief Justice

3 Responses to “Bainikhaiyum regime imposes its own travel sanctions”

  1. The Kid Says:

    goes to show kaiyums lack of respect for the rule of law and judges who will pull him into line and teach him a thing or six about the law and justice for all. Kaiyum is just a kid in a real mans game.

  2. Treasonous Khaiyum is not kid Says:

    Kids are usually innocent.

    So don’t be fooled, Khaiyum is very devious … but behaves innocently as if he doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

    They will not hesitate to take the country to bankruptcy or sell it off just to save their treasonous ass.

  3. ccnaseo Says:

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