Was it the feather hat?

The joke that just gets funnier

The last time the Casino deadline was extended Larry Claunch responded by spending money on a new sign and parking a digger on a vacant block beside the road to Denarau Island. Khaiyum has at last responded to the facts that can’t be denied but all he’s done is make more empty threats. “This is Larry’s last chance’, again. It’s obvious Larry is Frank’s favoured one, with the dictator in his pocket. Was it the feather hat that won Frank’s support? Or was it just cash paid into Frank’s pocket?

Fiji Village, 12/08/2013 Work yet to start on proposed new casino

2 Responses to “Was it the feather hat?”

  1. Nizam Says:

    Don’t be so hard with Larry. He will soon build the casino and the project will be another jewel in the crown of Khaiyum’s achievements in Fiji:

    – The bridge between Viti Levu and Vanua Levu funded by the Chinese
    – The crude oil refinery funded and supplied by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela
    – The cassava based ethanol factory funded by the Chinese
    – The modernisation of the sugar mills financed and implemented by the Indians
    – The Waila City complex funded by Abu Dhabi
    – The Momi Resort
    – The Electrification of Taveuni funded by the regime
    – The privatisation of FEA managed by the Great Khaiyum himself

    This list is not exhaustive but shows what great leaders we have.

  2. rusi Says:

    …and many others like…

    – chocolate factory (will be made from brown matter that seeps out of FB’s rear when he makes the cassava patch dash)

    – potato production outstripping import levels (getting smaller in size though, to the size of bean sold in Suva bustand)

    and the grandest of them all!

    – the new PIDF Secretariat (to be headed by the best fijian diplomat of all times – none other than Meli bainimarama upon completion of his stint in Malaysia. Office will more likely be supported by host of underworked compliant ex-military PSs in the regime, at unaffordable salary levels).

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